Sneaky indicator quietly spies on "Institutional Order Blocks" to find market reversals...



Once the price hits these bearish Order Blocks, it immediately plunges. And once the price hits these bullish Order Blocks, it takes off like a rocket.

Dear friend,

If you’re looking for a “forever trading edge” that lets you identify the STRONGEST reversal points… across every currency pair’s 5-min, 1-hour, and daily charts… this might be the most important letter you’ll read this year.

Here’s why:

We’ve just put the finishing touches to a brand-new indicator called “Order Block Edge.”

I’m obviously biased. But I do think…

Order Block Edge is the EASIEST way to identify market turning points, hands-down.

So you can...

– Instantly see all possible reversal points across ALL currency pairs and ALL timeframes.

– Know, with a high degree of certainty, how the price will behave when it hits these reversal points.

– Stop falling for “fake” trade setups. Always know the REAL direction of ANY market move.

– Start experiencing MORE quick wins and BIGGER wins from these order block-based reversal trades.

A "Forever Trading Edge" With

Institutional Order Flow

You see, there’s at least TWO simple ways to make reliable profits… with push-button ease… using these order flows.

First, bullish order blocks usually mark the beginning of an uptrend. And bearish order blocks usually mark the beginning of a downtrend.

So… you may just buy when a bullish order block forms. And sell when a bearish order block forms.

Can’t get simpler than that, right?

But don’t underestimate the power of this simple strategy.

For example, let’s take a look at this:

In this example, the 2 bearish institutional order blocks mark the beginning of a new downtrend.

And if you simply followed what these order blocks tells you to do, you would stand to make a killing from this enormous market move.

But… did you notice something else?

Not long after this price swing, a new bullish order block forms. This time, it marks the beginning of a huge uptrend.

These institutional order blocks work so well that… in fact, I think if I simply buy when there’s a new bullish order block forming, and sell when there’s a new bearish order block form, I could turn this push-button easy strategy into a full-time income.



You deserve a systemized, predictable, reliable income stream.

You deserve a revolutionary, new method of finding hugely profitable reversal trades — based on the scientifically tested order block concept.

You deserve PROSPERITY... no matter what the economy is doing.

But it gets even better…

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Risk warning.

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